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Single Vision

Hoya single vision lenses offer excellent clarity and are easy to clean. Hoya single vision lenses are guaranteed to have no distortions. We choose to offer the online community optometry grade optical lenses that have stood the test of time.

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Blue blocking lenses are essential for those who spend much time on digital devices. Reduce the glare and visual fatigue. We choose to offer the online community quality Hoya BlueControl Lenses for the best protection against bluelight. 

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Polarised Lenses

When wearing your sunglasses, cutting out glare is just as much a priority as having clear vision. NuPolar Polarised lenses offer the best polarised technology with excellent glare reduction while achieving sharp optical clarity. We choose to offer the online community quality prescription sunglasses lenses.

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At Glamoureyes, we choose premium progressive spectacle lenses from Hoya. These offer wider fields of vision for distance, intermediate and reading. They are easily adapted to. We want the online community to enjoy the latest generation progressive lenses at Glamoureyes.

At Glamoureyes

We love style.

We celebrate individuality with our range. We believe your choice of glasses and sunglasses convey to the world your personality and identity. 

We are interested in giving you the widest range to help express yourself comfortably, confidently & sometimes BOLDLY.

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lens tints

Customise your prescription glasses and sunglasses with lens tints. Choose from rose, yellow, green, blue, violet and orange.

Spice up your life with coloured lenses.

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